Hello and thanks for visiting our site!

To our volunteers, students, intended students, sponsors and affiliates:

As you know:

We have attorney to verify that we have graduated a pilot class fulfilling all required class hours.

We have recorded final exams and the scores

We have several agencies that hold video footage of us in session

We have a successful program that takes students upon referrals

We were forced to put our sessions on hold due to Covid which impeded our course hour requirements necessary for accreditation entities to accept us 

We must resume our sessions only after the situation below is resolved, otherwise our students are at risk.


Unfortunately, our Board was forced to temporarily remove any information regarding our program.

Due to online organized trolling, upon advice of our attorney (s), we must do so to protect our staff, board members, volunteers and most of all our students (past, present and future) and their children (as most of them are single fathers).

What these trolls are doing is illegal. However, police need the original video evidence in order to proceed with filing criminal charges.


Currently, they do not have enough evidence to obtain a search warrant. Hence, their subpoena for such video evidence was returned. Their request for a search warrant was denied.


Therefore, our board has voted to file a Federal Lawsuit. This lawsuit outlines dates, times and specific instances with recorded videos.

The above will assist us with getting these videos subpoenaed via civil proceedings whereas a search warrant will not be required.


This situation has been a nightmare for all of us, our families, and our employers (outside of this organization). We have no idea how far they will go as even police involvement has not caused them to desist. 

Their mission is to destroy our organization and the integrity of our Board (as sad as this is). They do so only for entertainment as the ones who put forth narratives are paid to do so; or else they do so simply to retaliate against the exercising of free speech civil rights.


As this is their mission, they discredit any actions to get them to desist. We are even faced with the possibility that they may run narratives to discredit our Federal filing and ignore any orders to desist. Any thing that is told or shown to them to validate our efforts are discredited. This is out of our hands at this point. We must fight in Federal court.


Therefore, we must take the advised steps to protect ourselves until such time our Federal case is heard.

More unfortunately, there is a process to end this situation. In the interim, the online trolls have a field day.  Due to the length of the process, they are in denial that anything can be “done about this”, they continue.  

We were therefore advised to remove the site until we are granted a restraining order in Federal Court.

The filing of this documentation has taken sometime per the volume of evidence that we have presented. However, we are now days away from filing this documentation.

Please be patient with us as together we battle organized trolling. Please check back periodically to see if we are up and running again!


Note: This site and its information are copyrighted. As we have pending Federal Court litigation, we will defend the re-publishing of any content on this site.